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If someone tells you that what you are attempting to achieve is impossible or not worth the effort, take a close look at them and what they have accomplished with their lives. The chances are good that you will find they haven’t done much. They also delight in seeing you fail, and are quick to say “I told you so” when you experience a temporary setback.

Successful people are optimistic people. They have the habit of success because they learned long ago to listen to themselves and not to those who would like to see them fail. You will find as you go through life that those who give advice most freely are precisely the individuals who are least qualified to do so. Busy, successful people don’t have an interest in telling you how to live your life. They are busy living their own. Failures or mediocre people have all the time in the world.

Get awesome and smart way to verify all your emails send to your prospects

When you create an account on a website, they will ask you to verify your email. It will send a link to your email address. You will need to click on this link. Doing that, the website reduces the number of spam accounts. Now, this is the best option for all women entrepreneurs who opt only for the best and genuine emails to enter into their email box.

How can you build an email authentication?

In this tutorial:

you can know detailed building an Email verifier script. Email authentication is a PHP letter. It allows confirming email addresses. It does not store anything from an index. When any user wants to create an account on your website it will send them a link. This link is for verifying their e-mail. This authentication needs before adding their email to your website.

This authentication is the consequence with SHA512 hashing. Validated e-mail addresses mean users will not hotlink to the verification page. You can now customize this letter to work with your current certificate.

This letter often is programmed in a practical manner, which allows you to use it including in the letter. You can use it anywhere you want. These actions are full tormented.

A full HTML is included with this letter. A JavaScript authentication disengaged for senior browser by using HTML5 e-mail authentication. All data sanitized to avoid XSS attacks.

How will it work?

1. The user logs in their e-mail.

2. It will send an email including a link to authentic their email.

3. The link is for the user to click for authentication.

4. After clicking the link a form will open for entering a password and username.

You will need PHP 5.12+ for this factor. It will ensure that the system protected by the PHP hash. If these technicalities are found to be concluded in your mail then you rest assured that you are safe and secure.

Get assured full proof service

It is advisable for all women to send emails on a verified mode and connect to Email verifier for any kind of assistance that can well me managed. Working mothers and other females can send their emails to clients and customer after full proof verification only – otherwise the bounce back rate of the same would surely lead to complete spamming of the emails forwarded. This is the reason there are experts who advice real time cleaning of emails and its verification. More than 99% of the success stories leads to the final announcement of the success. Connect for the betterment of one’s business now.

Build your business with reliable email validation


Email marketing is a major part of any business’s marketing strategy. But, it is only deemed successful by the number of subscribers who open and interact with the email your company sends. “Although companies put a lot of thought into their email marketing strategies, they don’t pay as much attention when it comes to email validation!” says, Steven Ransom CEO, RRS Ransom Information, Melvindale, MI.

Email validation is often overlooked but is the most important tool for businesses that communicate with their customers via email. To put it simply, email validation is the process of checking if an email address is still valid and deliverable.

When you have dead-end email accounts in your client list, you end up not only wasting money on them, but you risk your business’s reputation as well. The higher the bounce rate your emails have, the more chance they have of making it to the spam list of your audience.

Reduce your bounce rate –  Email validation can help you know which emails in your database are invalid and are likely to bounce. This will ensure that your email delivery rate is higher, thus resulting in the success of your email marketing campaign.

Avoid spam traps –  Spam traps are emails that are no longer active but are still being monitored. If you send an email to any of these accounts, your business emails will be marked as spam. This is not good for your marketing strategies or for your company’s reputation.  Email validation is a good way to avoid spam traps.

Save money and improve ROI – Every email that you send costs money, so for every email that is not delivered to the correct address, it’s just money down the drain. The biggest advantage you can get from email validation is the amount of money you can save through reduced marketing costs. 

Enhance company reputation – If your bounce rate increases, email providers will start banning your company emails from their services, which will put your reputation as a business on the line. When a lot of your emails are rejected and bounced back, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) will send your company emails into the spam folder of its customers. Nobody wants to be a spammer. This is where email validation will help you build a strong reputation with your Internet service provider and target audience.

Collect actionable data insights – With a validated list of emails, your campaign stats will be higher than before, reporting an overall higher return on investments. With these better numbers, you can confidently start putting more money into email marketing campaigns.  An inaccurate email list will never be able to provide you with actionable data insights that can pave the way for your future customer engagement strategies or content themes. Email validation will let you know who your active customers are and how many others have used your company’s services or products in the past.

While all of us want to maintain our emails properly, the reality remains that many marketing subscriptions keep falling through the cracks. Your subscribers will not remember to report their change of email address to you.

This is where ProjectSend will help you! This, along with many other insights can provide ideas on how best to segment your email marketing strategies.

Contact us to get unbelievable reliable email validation!

ProjectSend is a simple and fast email verifier service. ProjectSend will enable you to reduce the risks, enhance your business reputation and capitalize your leads better.

RRS Ransom Information is designed to help small businesses with marketing. We has all required components to assist in helping run your small business marketing.
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Toy Stores Pushing Voodoo

With the rise in occult groups comes a general increase in experimentation with satanic things. Toys R Us is now selling a collection of voodoo dolls. Their web site markets four to choose from:  Uchawi, Baka, Kennis and Ezili. They are described as: “..horrifying yet irresistible plush voodoo dolls complete with everything you will need to practice voodoo, create spells, summon spirits.” Each comes with an accessory bag containing trinkets, binding twine, chicken feet and mojo bones, a spell book, and pins.

The Voodooz branddownload09022017

joins other occult items that Toys R Us has carried for a long time ouija boards, D&D and violent video games laced with devil themes. The voodoo dolls are produced by Mezco Toys who specialize in the macabre. A visit to their website finds Hellboy comics (also sold by Toys R. Us) and Living Dead and Edward Scissorhands dolls.
Satan is making a major play for our children in his “culture war” against all things decent and biblical. We must arm our young people with a thorough knowledge of biblical truth so they will recognize and resist, Satan’s wiles.

Parents who feed their growing youngsters the strong biblical message in Chick literature tell us that it helped them became stalwart believers when they grew up. Most of the tracts are written in simple terms that the early child can understand. These are supported later by full-sized books such as How to be a Successful Teenager and Stairway to Hell, by Rick Jones.

We must inoculate our youngsters against Satan’s barrage. Parents will find the Chick Publication literature is a real help for their own kids as well as those in the neighborhood.

Video by: RageElixir
Published on Aug 18, 2017


Clean up your mailing list and reduce bounce rate.

Clean up your mailing list and reduce bounce rate.
It can be particularly complicated to remove faulty email addresses of bulk mailing lists, especially if it is being done manually. We understand that this is a problem that is common across various online industries and platforms. This is why we offer our award-winning email verification service.

Our Verification Process:

Our 3 step email verification process ensures a higher degree of reliability and accuracy (usually 90% or above).

  • We filter out the disposable and duplicate emails for you. You pay only for each unique emails verified.
  • We have all of the right tools to keep your contact list pure. In fact,

Our Verification Service can work on a multitude of external databases such as:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Foxpro
  • Acces
  • MS SQL
  • Paradox

Our validation service prevents you from receiving a lot of bounced emails. Using our EMAIL VERIFICATION Service to verify the validity of your email addresses has all of the right tools to keep your contact list pure. Unfortunately, there are many ISPs that will block an IP if too many bounced emails. And the more, that may contain invalid email addresses, the more that give an unrealistic view of how many valid recipients there are.


RRS Ransom Info.

Google doesn’t want what’s best for us

“[Google] has altered our notions of privacy, tracking what we buy, what we search for online — and even our physical location at every moment of the day. Every business trying to reach mass-market consumer demand online knows that Google is the gatekeeper. […]

Because tools like Google and Facebook have become so essential and because we have almost no choice in whether to use them, we need to consider the role they play in our lives. By giving networks like Google and Facebook control of the present, we cede our freedom to choose our future.”

+++ SEARCH +++ ENGINE +++ NEWS +++ TICKER +++

  • Google does not use the geo meta tags on your web pages.
  • Bing testing Google-like search header at top of search results.
  • Google testing ad tag placement in Google Local Packs.
  • Google tests “topics” search refinements.
  • Google has updated the list of reasons for reporting inappropriate business photos.
  • Facebook: addressing cloaking so people see more authentic posts.
  • Google still ignores last-modified meta tag.
  • Google won’t share the number of search quality algorithms.

source:  taken from an email message, I’d received 08/15/2017

BUSINESS IDEA: Work From Home Ask Me How!

Referral Service

Startup Costs: $2,000 – $10,000
Home Based: Can be operated from home.
Part Time: Can be operated part-time and full-time.
Franchises Available? No
Online Operation? Yes

If you’re the one everybody in your circle calls for help when they’re trying to find a good doctor, attorney, plumber or cleaning service, and if you love being on the phone, then a referral service could be the business for you. You can specialize in one area or several, depending on your preferences and the size of your town. You might run an attorney referral service, matching callers to specialists in family, real estate or criminal law; a physicians’ service matching up potential patients with pediatricians, cardiologists, and other healthcare specialists; or a homeowners’ network, referring consumers to plumbers, painters, and cleaning and lawn care services. Keep in mind that most areas have attorney and physician referral services through local bar associations and hospitals–if you want to compete with these, you’ll have to come up with a special niche that will bring consumers to you. You can also specialize in travel and tours, entertainment, apartment rentals, babysitters, real estate agents, bridal services–just about any service that people need help with. You can also run your referral service online instead of on the phone–or do both. The choice is yours. The advantages to this business are that you get to spend all day on the phone and you get to talk to lots of interesting people. It’s a good idea to have some background or experience in the type of referrals you’ll specialize in. You’ll thoroughly screen the businesses on your list, finding out how they work and what they do best, then checking references so you know you’re referring consumers to only the best, which means you’ll need good communication and people skills.

The Market

Your customers will be both the businesses on your list and consumers who call in to get referrals, so you’ll conduct your marketing campaign in two stages. First, investigate the business people you’d like on your list. If they check out well, send them a sales letter or contact them by phone and explain that you would like to include them in your service. Sell them on the benefits. When you get a good list of referrals worked up, you’ll need to attract consumers’ attention so you can give your businesses their money’s worth. The best way to go about this is to place prominent ads in the Yellow Pages under each category where people might look–if you’re doing homeowner referrals, for instance, you’ll want to place ads under lawn care, cleaning services, plumbing and the like. You can also place service ads in the classified sections of your local paper and post fliers where your target consumers will see them. If you’re referring babysitters, put them up at kid-oriented areas like karate and dance academies, day-care centers, public libraries, and parks. And don’t forget churches and supermarkets for any type of referral service.

Needed Equipment

You’ll need a computer and database software capable of handling all the businesses on your list and a two-line phone with a telemarketer-type headset so your ears don’t get sore. If you can’t afford a computer for starters, you can get going with a good handwritten list and purchase your electronics later. Of course, if you’re going with an online service, you’ll have to have the computer as well as a good Web site.

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If you work as hard at the task you desire to do as the task you must do, you will go places.

Going into your future is not a choice. It, the future, will come to you whether you are ready or not. Those who are prepared usually have a more desirable future than those who are not.

Preparing for your future or not is entirely up to you. Nobody can do it for you. To prepare is a choice. Making the right choices and planning for the future is a developed skill. It is easy to learn this skill but few people do it. Most people do not plan well for the future because they don’t understand its value.

My Personal Thoughts:

It’s been said that you should always work at two jobs simultaneously: the one you have and the one you desire. When you work as hard at the task you want to do as the task you must do, you are preparing yourself for the future. You are learning skills that will enable you to grow beyond your present position and into your boss’s job and your boss’s boss’s job. When the time comes, you’ll be ready. When you’ve mastered one task, don’t rest on your laurels. Instead, begin immediately to think about the future, about how you can improve what you’re doing now, and what you can learn that will allow you to progress in the future. Ours is a knowledge-based economy in which intellectual property is worth far more than physical goods. To succeed today requires continuous learning; staying current in your field means a lifetime of study in our fast-paced world.

The right sort of actions require no embellishment of words

One of the most common mistakes is making excuses to explain why we do not succeed. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people in the world — those who do not succeed — are excuse-makers. They try to explain their action, or inaction, with words. When you succeed, accept the congratulations of others with good grace; when you fail, take responsibility for your actions, learn from your mistakes, and move on to more constructive things. When your actions are appropriate in every circumstance, you will never feel the need to explain them with words. Your actions will say all that needs to be said.

Are you living the life you’ve always wanted to? Or have you settled into the status quo?

Most of us have a subconscious idea of what we think we deserve. And when life does not represent what we think it should be like, we experience frustration and discontent, which can spur us into action to make a change.

But this can work in reverse as well. So many of us end up sabotaging our success. What happens is, we start thinking that we deserve better, and we drop right back down to where we think we should be – in our careers, our finances, our relationships, our health, our general sense of well-being.

What if you took active control of your mind and redirected your focus on making your life a masterpiece? What if you reprogram the way you think to design a life that gives you fulfillment, joy, and passion?

Your mind is the key to success. And if you want to live the life you desire, then it’s time to decide, to commit and to resolve. Because it’s not what we can do in life that makes a difference, it’s what we will do. And there’s no better time to take back control of your mind and set your sights on something better right now.