Google doesn’t want what’s best for us

“[Google] has altered our notions of privacy, tracking what we buy, what we search for online — and even our physical location at every moment of the day. Every business trying to reach mass-market consumer demand online knows that Google is the gatekeeper. […]

Because tools like Google and Facebook have become so essential and because we have almost no choice in whether to use them, we need to consider the role they play in our lives. By giving networks like Google and Facebook control of the present, we cede our freedom to choose our future.”

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  • Google does not use the geo meta tags on your web pages.
  • Bing testing Google-like search header at top of search results.
  • Google testing ad tag placement in Google Local Packs.
  • Google tests “topics” search refinements.
  • Google has updated the list of reasons for reporting inappropriate business photos.
  • Facebook: addressing cloaking so people see more authentic posts.
  • Google still ignores last-modified meta tag.
  • Google won’t share the number of search quality algorithms.

source:  taken from an email message, I’d received 08/15/2017


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