My one and only regret …

One of the most essential yet hardest truths that I have had to learn, is that every person should be his own hardest task-master.

We are all fine builders of “Alibis” and creators of “excuses” in support of our shortcomings. We are not seeking facts and truths as they are, but as we wish them to be. We prefer honeyed words of flattery to those of cold, unbiased truth, wherein lies the weakest spot of the man-animal.

Further, we are up in arms against those who dare to uncover the truth for our benefit. One of the most severe shocks I received in my life was the knowledge that men are still being crucified for the high crime of telling the Truth.

Here I learn a great lesson. We count flatty more than we do the truth. That’s human nature for you!

I know, because I am human.


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