Will you zig or zag this summer? (Hint: try some Creative Vision)

Summer is great for fun and relaxation … but do you dread it in your business life?

Hello Friends,

Some businesses thrive in the summertime — air conditioner repairs, pool maintenance, ice cream and snowcone vendors come to mind — but for others, things just seem to get slower as the days grow hotter.

Or is that just a self-fulfilling fallacy?

What if, instead of just assuming business will slow down, as usual, you jumped at the chance to do what nobody else is doing and made summer a busy time? Doing the opposite of the expected, standing out in the crowd, showing your customers and clients you’re not the type who settles for the status quo.

Can you see the 17 Principles in action? At a glance, I can identify these eight principles:

  • Personal Initiative
  • Enthusiasm
  • Creative Vision
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Applied Faith
  • Going the Extra Mile
  • Accurate Thinking
  • Learning from Adversity and Defeat

Given a bit of time I’m sure you could apply even more of Napoleon Hill’s philosophy to this situation.

Practice Makes Perfect (If You Practice the Right Thing)

The more you read and apply Napoleon Hill’s philosophy, the more you will subconsciously absorb the 17 Principles. But whether you’ve just discovered Think and Grow Rich or you’ve been a Napoleon Hill fan for decades, you can benefit from reminders of what each of the principles means.

One option is to print a list of the 17 Principles and tack it by your desk. But if you have a little wall space, there’s a better choice …

The 17 Principles of Success Poster

When you hang this full-size 24×36 inch print in your office or home (or it’s pint-sized cousin, the 11×17 inch Compact Edition), you’ll have more than just a list of principles to glance at.

Instead, you can instantly refer to the principle’s title, see a brief definition, and read a quick real-world application or insight.

For example:
17 Principles of Success Poster: Enthusiasm

Each of the principles is presented in an easy-to-read, easy-to-remember format like this. Plus there is a short biography of Dr. Hill and a portrait to remind you of the man who did so much to explain the mysteries of a successful life. You might be inspired or reassured by Dr. Hill’s calm, confident look, almost as if he just knows you can achieve all that you want.

17 Principles of Success Poster

Printed on heavy paper, suitable for framing but heavy enough to be tacked up by itself, you’ll find this new poster the perfect addition to your home, office, or classroom … wherever you spend your time and need to be inspired.

You’ll surely be delighted to own your new piece of art, and you’ll be surprised at how much positive impact it will have on your life in a very short time.

And That Holiday Coming Up…?

Stumped for what to buy the man who has everything? Father’s Day gifting gets harder every year. But if the Dad in your life is a fan of Napoleon Hill, wouldn’t this poster be an ideal present?

Order Your Poster Now!
P.S.: How many of the 17 Principles can you combine in common situations? With your poster to stimulate your conscious and subconscious minds, you’ll be making all kinds of connections … leading to greater success!

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